About us

CHV CroptiV8

A revolutionary mode of action for a unique combination of results in growing flowers, vegetables, plants, and fruits.

CHV CroptiV8 is our latest natural innovation, based on patent-pending technology, improving performance through crop health.

With CroptiV8 we offer a broad spectrum solution to increase tolerance against abiotic stress and to improve nutrient uptake.

CroptiV8 is designed for optimal usability through your irrigation system, and in conjunction with your current inputs.

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The root of growth is health

With CroptiV8 we offer a broad spectrum solution to increase crop resilience, quality, and yields.

Increased resilience against abiotic stress

CroptiV8 increases the plants buffer against abiotic stress for optimal performance under suboptimal conditions.

Optimization nutrient uptake

CroptiV8 enhances the uptake of essential nutrients (e.g., calcium and iron).

Resilient and active crop

Improved levels of antioxidants and chlorophyll for better resilience to stress, and optimal photosynthesis.

Improved product quality

By optimizing from the roots up, CroptiV8 contributes to improvement of overall quality of your harvested products, and helps to reduce losses.

Application made easy

Our goal is to provide peace of mind to growers. Therefore, CroptiV8 is designed to make your crop management easier. 

Easy to apply

Easy application via your irrigation system. CroptiV8 also promotes the flow and optimal functionality of your system.

Enhancement of crop programs

CroptiV8 does not interfere with regular crop protection, fertilizers or other biostimulants, and contributes to the performance of existing inputs.

Job satisfaction

A healthy crop is more efficient to work with, and enhances your job satisfaction.


CroptiV8 is based solely on natural ingredients and compounds. Therefore, CroptiV8 falls under the biostimulant category of fertilizers, according to EU law coming into effect in 2022. As a result, CroptiV8 shows no MRL residues tested after application. Our products are purified to maximise product hygiene.

Trials and observations

Numerous field trials, conducted by renowned research institutes and established growers, have shown that higher yields were observed, when crops received a regular dose of CroptiV8. Choose your product category below.